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>> , you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat >> i am michele griego, a routine traffic stop erupted into gunfire on a busy east bay freeway and at this hour a chp officer in critical condition
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along with the suspect as well, the shooting happened this morning in the southbound lanes of interstate 680. in contra costa county between alamo and walnut creek. >> chopper five shows traffic at a standstill right now, you're taking a live look, elizabeth wenger will have the latest from the traffic center but first lisa washington is live from the chp command post in alamo. >> we are actually just north of the area where the shooting happened, you can see interstate 680 just above us. i want to give you the latest information that we have received from chp, we have to update so far regarding the shooting, here's the very latest, the chp says that they're looking for a woman in connection with the shooting, she was apparently in a second vehicle, a black nissan maxima that chp found. this shooting began ... ended in gunfire for the chp officer and
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the person that people over, it happen on interstate 680 south just north of alamo at 8:20 a.m., a chp spokesperson says ... >> we lost lee said there but what you're seeing here is the scene right now, that green jeep and hauled in a situation with the chp, a routine traffic stop, we do not know why he was pulled over but i believe that we have the audio fixed so let's throw back to lisa. >> we're still having some audio difficulties, lisa, are you there? ok, we're still having difficulties right now. but as you can imagine, highway 680 north and southbound have been and a standstill all morning long, with more on that here is elizabeth. >> traffic was worse at the
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height of rush hour when the first happen but we're still talking about a big backup that extends for a while on 680 from walnut creek all the way down into danville. the road is actually shut down in alamo right here. and a northbound and southbound traffic is shut down and has been for nearly four hours now. so, southbound cars are being diverted off of the freeway, at highway 24, where you saw lisa washington standing, north bay traffic you can get off at stone valley but unfortunately there is not a great alternate, city streets are jamming up all along that southbound and northbound 680 corridor as people are trying to around this mass of the bottom line is that chp says to avoid that whole area. we got off of the phone with them a little while ago, 3:00 p.m. is still the hope for a time when they can get that stretch of freeway reopened. again, 3:00 p.m. just-in-time for the evening commute, all of this will not cause a big backup
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for people as they head home later this evening. you can get all the very latest traffic updates, up-to-the- minute information as cbs sf .com. back to you guys .. >> it is such a major artery there, 680 and 24. that officer in serious condition at this hour. we're learning that both the officer and the suspect had been taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek and cate caugurian is at the trauma center right now. >> well, unfortunately we do not have much of an update at this point in time, they're keeping the media at a distance. officers are staying tight- lipped about the condition of both the officer and the suspect involved. we know that the injured officer is a male, but what i can tell you is that i have seen strong law enforcement presence and at last count there were six police cars including chp motorcycles, in the area staged outside it, they've been coming and going and we have video of that ambulance arriving, chp's
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reports the officer and suspect are in serious condition, we do not know the extent of the injuries, a spokesperson says that this investigation is ongoing. >> right now at this time, the investigation is ongoing, we will not release any permission to the media and i do not know when we will release that. >> you cannot confirm that your officers here? >> i can confirm that the officers here but that is about all. >> no word, basically the public information officer says that he hopes to have an update for us later on today, and the hospital cannot comment on the status of any patient here, so back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. here is the latest on the 680 freeway shooting, we want to give you a recap, a chp officer listed in critical condition after he exchanged gunfire with the suspect during a traffic stop, this all happened along interstate 680, that suspect was
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in serious condition, the freeway is a major crime scene right now both north and southbound lanes remain closed as evidence technicians and investigators conduct their work there. you're taking a live look now and you can see that they're still out there. this road may not open until 3:00 this afternoon and authorities have found a car that they said may be links to the shooting. a black nissan maxima was located in danville, police are also looking for a woman who may have fled the scene of the shooting. we have multiple crews working this story and we will bring you important updates as we get them .. >> democrats from all around the country are all converging on charlotte n.c., the party's national convention gets underway in just a couple of hours. randall pinkston previews the first night including a speech by the first lady. >> the theme of the democrats' convention is " americans coming together ". to prove the point, they have a
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republican to be one of their speakers but a headliner tonight will be first lady michelle obama. democrats will still this call later today to kick off their convention and begin the three day process of nominating president obama. >> we just want to be here, this is history. >> delegates will approve the party platform and then hear from a long list of speakers which will painted president obama as the wives humane alternative to mitt romney. the first lady's address will be the final speech tonight. >> i'm looking forward to hearing the first lady, i think that she is dynamic, and i'm just excited. >> i'm sure that she will connect with us, and we will connect with her as we always do. >> the president is not expected to be here when his wife speaks. aides say that he will watch from the white house. this afternoon the president holds a rally in our fault va., on labor day he told autoworkers in ohio that they are better off, thanks to his
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administration's automobile industry bailout. >> i believe in you, i'd bet on you, i will make that bet any day of the week. >> republicans are hammering away at the president's record, questioning whether americans are doing better since he took office. >> i would ask the 23 million people in america today that are struggling to find work, if they feel better off. >> democrats will use their convention to make the case to voters that the nation is better off. michelle obama pills not expected to delve into politics but with an approval rating above 60%, analysts say that she may be the most effective advocate for the obama/joe biden political campaign. >> cbs 5 will have live reports from the democratic convention throughout the week ended and also go to for the very latest and check out reports from douglas sovereign live in charlotte. >> paul ryan is on the campaign
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trail, attacks were in full force when he rallied supporters at east carolina university, he compared the president to jimmy carter. >> every president since the great depression who asked americans to send them into a second term, could say that you're better off today than you were four years ago, except for jimmy carter, and for president barack obama. >> aside from the attacks, he mainly focused on the economy saying that mitt romney would do more to get people back to work. >> they both want your vote, but what is it going to cost you? >> an easy way to figure out which presidential candidate is better for your bank account. but first, hot weather in seven california challenging fire crews today, the time line for the containment of the wildfire burning in the angeles national forest. >> on the other hand back in the bay area we have some of the nice weather across the country today with blue skies, temperatures a little bit cooler
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than it was yesterday. i will tell you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a wildfire near los angeles is now 15 percent contained, the williams fire has burned 5.5 square miles in the angeles national forest. firefighters are contending with steep terrain along with strong winds and high temperatures. four have been treated for heat related symptoms and one for a twisted ankle. fire managers say it will take another week beat for they get the fire contained. >> the crisis continues in syria as the army claims it will fight for hour-long it takes. the syrian president met with the international red cross to try and expand humanitarian
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operations in the country, the organization says that victims are not getting the necessary medical treatment. the battle started more than one year go. >> a memoir by a man that took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden is hitting bookshelves today. >> the account by a former navy seal offers new details of last year's raid, the book's author writes under a pseudonym " mark owen " says that osama bin lot and was looking outside from his bedroom door when you shot in the head, the military's top lawyer has warned the officer that he violated secrecy agreements and may face legal action. but the book is very popular. >> stocks have been falling on wall street, taking a look at the big board you concede that the dow is down a little over 23 points following reports that construction spending and manufacturing have both weekend. the u.s. commerce department says that construction spending fell in july by the largest margin in one year.
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>> the new application helping of voters in this presidential season, who may be the best candidate for your bottom line? >> if you want a free parking past and you better have proof, the crackdown starting today in one east bay city. >> in the bay area, a cool down under way for tuesday setting a trend for the rest of the week. more mild weather, and dense f,,
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>> michelle, did you get outside today? >> i did. he went out and got me breakfast and coffee, isn't that nice? >> that is why you are a great team. we have to talk about the fact that summer is ending and labor day is officially the end of that and also they're selling, i kid you not, christmas cards at costco. >> already? >> four tonight we can have another sign that summer is on the way, more low clouds, low clouds along the shoreline kattegat. we love fog in the morning, we sure did this morning, mostly sunny inland except for a persistence layer of low cloudiness at the sunset district. futurecast shows the low clouds along the shoreline packing and after sunset tonight. and then we will have a foggy start tomorrow morning, lawrence
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karnow should be back tomorrow morning. if you clouds coming up from the south. a tropical float may mean a big subtropical drop or two tomorrow night. today, not that was morning clouds at the airport but otherwise this afternoon looks okay and in new york, some rain and chicago has cloudy skies. and for us, we're going to be looking for temperatures to rise into the 80s in the south they today, up to 88 in morgan hill and still running 10 degrees cooler in spots at this hour that we have yesterday. a 63 degrees and pacific and 76 in san mateo. and in the east bay we'll see numbers in the low ninety's. but those will not last because we have increasing low pressure meaning the marine layer will expand and the temperatures are going to drop, not big time, just back into the mid 80s in land and you can see that on the extended forecast, mid 80s for the most part, in the '60s by the coast and as we look ahead to the start of next week the number stay in the mid 80s. one last one day, and then a little bit of a break from that.
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that is whether, what is el stop going on in the news? >> plenty, berkeley police cracking down on drivers who are illegally using disabled parking placards to park for free. the city's parking enforcement officers have been given the green light to fine up to $1,000 to those he abusing the privilege. before today only police officers were able to hand out those citations. >> what makes you vote for a particular candidate? their stance on social issues? the environment? the economy? well here is more on an application that tells you which presidential candidate would give you more bang for your buck. >> what we all fear the most, is a week america. >> that is not we are. >> when it comes the tweeting through the rhetoric, there is an application for that. >> we want to eliminate all of the distortions involved in political decision making. >> the so-called radical moderate founded the application
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after he heard people debating politics without talking money. it combines both tax plans and campaign promises and crunches your information into a complex algorithm. >> if you are of voting based on social issues like abortion, one you to know the trade-off. >> for example a family in san francisco with two kids in college, the tax benefit is nearly $24,000 under the plan for mitt romney, 13,000 more compared to obama but a 22 year- old single person with no kids making $30,000 per year would be better off voting for obama, and would pocket $300 more per year in tax savings. this map of the bay area in orange and red are the rich neighborhoods that would benefit under mitt romney. >> like, from your website, the bay area should vote for mitt romney. >> that is one of the most startling conclusion that we found, that the bay area has
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many high-income households and they are financially benefited by eight conservative candidates. >> much of the nation would benefit under obama. they say the tax breaks for the rich would increase the deficit by a half a trillion dollars. >> how do we know that this is not some conspiracy theory by democrats, to plug some numbers into a magic box and say " vote for obama ". >> that would be the worst thing. i think the point of this project is to eliminate all the partisanship, when you make these decisions. >> coming up, one more look at today's top story. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> back to the top story, a routine traffic stop erupted into gunfire with interstate 680 still shut down at this hour. a chp officer in critical condition, lisa washington live from the chp command post with the very latest. >> as you mentioned, that investigation continues this afternoon, it was around 8:20 a.m. when the shooting happened, it was a traffic stop that ended with gunfire. we want to show you some witness video that we have just received in the newsroom. this is from a person that was traveling on the southbound lanes of interstate 680 this morning and saw what happened. you can see one of the chp
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officers assisting the officer that was shot, he is running back to his patrol unit. listen to the witness account of the shooting. >> i see when the cops started shooting the guy that was in the jeep, and as soon as he shot the guy in the jeep, he ran to the police car and i guess he called for backup. and then i recorded the video, so when i went by as all the body on the floor. and police on the floor already there. >> that of course was the eyewitness accounts from someone driving on interstate 680 southbound when the shooting happened, contra costa county is leading this investigation, obviously they will be talking to witnesses of the shooting and of course, the traffic will be an issue for quite some time with interstate 680 southbound being closed. for more let's throw to is the best. >> 680 traffic is a mess and has
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been four hours but what you may not know is that city streets along that corridor are backed up as well through downtown warm up grief and mt. diablo, really jammed up. here's one more live look from the scene, from chopper 5. you can see the and the freeway and where cars are stuck in the back up where they have closed off for the investigation. it is close off in alamo, northbound and southbound 680. if you're going to attempt this, northbound traffic being detoured off the freeway, southbound traffic being de toward. so the latest word from chp is 3:00 p.m., that is when they hope to have the freeway open and of course this is just in time for the evening commute home but basically avoid a walnut creek right now if you can. you can go is it the latest updates on cbs sf .com. back to you guys. >> that is going to do it for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> have a good day and if you're heading into the east bay, take it slow and we'll see you again
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tomorrow morning. take care.
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